Nicole (explainingsound) wrote in heartonpaper,


I just want this place to be lively again. Ignore this thread, and take it as a cue to share some of your fantastic work..

World Traveler
I listen with open ears
& wide eyes
When you tell of all your travels
All the magnificent places you have been.

Yet in my over-contemplation
Because I over-analyze everything...
The things you have seen
Leave me terribly afraid...

I get to thinking a simple fact
A simple, scary fact:
You have stood so many places
Places that I have not stood

In all these pictures of you standing
Where I am not standing there
I wonder who is that...
Who stands where I would have?

Now I know that I have no right...
To claim that spot beside you for my own
Though you know that if I did...
I would...

Surely, wherever you are...
(A place that I am not)
Someone stands there.
So who stands there now?
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