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curse my life,lets call it done.
and to neither side, shall the battle be won
hide their eyes, in ignorant bliss,
to hide the truth of this sinful kiss.
speak we must, of all thats wrong
and keep it always between our lips.
shhh. we cannont speak above the wind!
for if we do the web will spin. the tale will spin.
we all will spin!
spinning, spinning, spinning, spun.
it's all at hand! it's all begun!
quiver silent among my breast.
and there you'll lay,
you'll lay at rest.
before the sun shall shine anew,
before it brings that sickly hue.
to all the creeps about the night
to unmask what brings you fright
as it unveils a painful truth of longing, lust, betrayal...youth.
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